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Cyndee Poole Artist Statement

Artist Cyndee Poole is a well known tropical artist,

painting intricate tropical landscapes with exuberant use of color and complex depth. Her unique style features bold washes and vibrant colors. Cyndee’s paintings are a reflection of her tropical roots and reflect her active lifestyle.

For artist Cyndee Poole, painting began in early childhood and was nurtured by an awesome high school teacher who encouraged creativity in all forms. Paintings began as detailed landscapes on driftwood and stone then evolved into painting on canvas. Her experimental paintings are inspired by the abstract impressionistic movement as well as from her own inner creativity. The tropical landscapes are seasoned by travel throughout the Caribbean and her love of Florida, where she grew up. Cyndee Poole now resides at her home in North Georgia, and has an upcoming Mountain Folk Art Series in the works, painting funky trees and children's fantasy art.

Art Show Cyndee PooleCyndee has a passionate love of nature and positive view of the world. She sees God in all life and in the beauty of our existence. She considers her art a gift from God and her duty to share with others. She hopes to awaken people to the fragility of the planet, through her artwork. So they may notice the beauty of the stars in the night sky and the souls of the animals that share this planet with us, and not take these things for granted. It is our duty as human beings to preserve these gifts entrusted to us for future generations, and to preserve and protect all species on our precious planet.

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