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Cyndee Poole Artist Statement

“Currently my experimental work is about celebrating complexity of color and depth, as well as the new series "Funky Trees", that is dabbling in the fantasy realm of expression. It is mesmerizing to apply various experimental techniques to several layers of acrylic washes and under painting, the result is exciting. The focus of the experimental abstract impressionistic work is informal impression: color, symbolism, complexity and depth, combining these elements to create boldly colorful unique designs. Viewers are invited to interpret meaning based on their own imagination and insight. More impressionistic and traditional works use color to recreate the path of life’s journeys, emotions and adventures, I myself have experienced. I have been painting these adventures, impressions and places throughout my life, all of which mirror who I am personally, all are a reflection of where I have journeyed and where my adventures will take me next. Perhaps it is a journey, place or impression similar to a feeling or place the viewer has walked or an adventure they dream of finding.”

Cyndee Poole

saved by Jesus grace

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