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An NFT, or non-fungible token, generally comes in two parts: a digital collectible such as an artwork and a unique digital certificate, registered on a blockchain, that records ownership of that asset. Think of an NFT as a way to prove that you own certain works in the digital economy.

You can display an NFT online, on your phone or on your wall in a digital display. If it contains utility, you might gain access to special events, discounts or prizes. You can hold onto your NFT and hopefully watch it appreciate it over time. You can send your NFT to someone as a gift or trade it. You can sell your NFT on the secondary market. Basically, you can do whatever the accompanying NFT license allows.

The Tropical Arts marketplace features the beauty, passion and creative truths of artists from the Caribbean. As an artist, photographer, musician or videographer, Tropical Arts can connect you with a global fan base of collectors hungry for authentic works. Benefits include: A free storefront. Free minting and listing on an eco-friendly blockchain. Security for your works. Pricing in US dollars. And more.

To create an NFT, just head to and step through the simple process. Once you've drafted it, you can decide whether to mint it and show it off or list it for sale. Here's a quick video explainer on how to create an NFT.

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