Community guidelines

Tropical Arts is a gathering place where art lovers and collectors connect. We want everyone here to feel welcome and respected, so please follow these guidelines when you’re on our site or in our community forum.

1. Be kind

Web3 is about personal freedom, and art is about pushing boundaries. So stay calm, be kind and don’t make personal attacks. You’ll probably come across some works on the site that you may not care for. That’s all right. Tropical Arts offers a big tent for all kinds of Caribbean creators, not a small, invitation-only boutique art collection. Let’s celebrate our differences!

2. Respect creatives and their works

When you’re chatting with artists, photographers or fellow collectors, remember that everyone here is a person with all the pressures that modern life brings. Not everyone will want to share their time and ideas. Be grateful if they do, and be gracious and understanding if a creator doesn’t answer your question or join a conversation.


3. Be open to others’ views

Tropical Arts doesn’t support comments on artwork detail pages or artist profile pages — not yet, anyway — but we encourage lively discussions in our community forum. We know people don’t always agree. But please think twice about posting a tirade when you disagree with someone. Let’s try to get back to civil discourse and comity. If you think NFTs are a scam or Ponzi scheme, please move on to another site to express your views rather than try to convert others to your beliefs here.

4. Be civil

Constructive criticism and feedback are how we learn and grow. There’s never an excuse for harassment, trolling or posting comments about race, religion, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender, identity or other personal traits. NFTs espousing political views outside the mainstream are allowed, of course, but don’t publish NFTs that endorse hate speech, terrorism, crime, violence or other harmful content. We reserve the right to remove users who intimidate or bully other members of the community.

5. Don’t break the law

We’re not the copyright police, but we may remove users who pass off someone else’s work as their own or otherwise commit fraud, piracy or scams of any kind. Make sure you abide by the provisions of the NFT license that came with any NFT you purchased here. You are not permitted to materially change the work you’ve purchased when displaying or exhibiting it.

6. Be human

Tropical Arts isn’t a place for chat bots or AIs to lead or steer discussions. We allow AI art in our marketplace, but let’s keep the conversations real.

7. Don’t be spammy or underhanded

Tropical Arts is a place for discovering great Caribbean art and the stories behind those works. It’s not a target for spammers or fraudsters. You’re not required to use your real name or reveal your identity. But don’t hide behind anonymity as an excuse to be spammy. You can list your business and urls on your profile page, but we don’t allow you to promote your business or services in our forums.

You’re also not allowed to buy or sell an account on Tropical Arts. Please abide by our Terms of Use.

Help us keep the community safe

Please help our moderators and curators keep the community safe by reporting content that violates these guidelines. And feel free to start up a discussion in any of our forums about art, creativity, Caribbean culture, Web3 technology and other topics!